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6 Christmas gift ideas for children with rice

1. Children's comic: Leto - trip to Halong Bay

This lovingly designed children's book tells the adventures of the dragon Leto, which visits the Vietnamese Halong Bay. His new friends are the wise turtles and petrified dragons he already knows in Hanoi. Great for all children traveling on a journey, who want to play with Asia. Found at notonthehighstreet.de .

2. Beaker set

Cows are not purple - every child knows that! Right. But there is so much to discover for our little ones when traveling: Crawfish, shells, leaves and much more. If you have small explorers at home, who like to explore the nature and go in the forest, on the meadow, in the watts or on the beach on exploration tour, for which there is the Becherlupen set. Who knows, maybe the offspring will become a frequent marine biologist? Found at zwergenbummler.de .

3. Rice games for the road

We have already made a list of children's games for long cars on permondo. Children will love simple things such as coloring books, knitting lanterns or audio books. Become creative and take a few games that have been fun to you: 11s out, Rummikub, card games like Mau Mau, Kniffel, settlers of Catan as a travel variant.

4. 2-in-1 neck squirrel for restful sleep

This beautiful neck squirrel is not only ideal for airplane, bus, train and car but can also be converted into a soft sleeping pillow. For this, simply the inner lining is inverted. Furthermore: this pillow is washable and therefore ideal for children and on the road. Found at rakuten.de .

5. Spardose for the travel agent

Children also have on holiday wishes: an ice cream, a visit to the theme park or a gift for the best friend at home. A suitable children's travel fund is suitable for this, in which the pocket money can be saved. On the way, the little ones can freely dispose of themselves and thus learn how to deal with money. Found at rakuten.de .

6. Cabinet trolley - the tidy children's suitcase

This trolley provides compartments for laundry, outdoor clothing and shoes. Ideal for school trips, family vacations and weekend getaways. The trolley is available in various colors: orange, pink, light green and dark blue. Found at jako-o.de .

The permondo team wishes you a lot of fun with your children!

Lower Saxony, Germany