Unsere Ozeane!

Meine persönlichen Erfahrungen in die wunderbare Welt der Meeresbiologie.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Ministry of Marine Resources (Volunteering)

For three months I am part of the team of the MMR on Rarotonga to get an understanding of all different aspects of governmental based science. I am able to experience survey field work in the lagoon, analyse water samples in the laboratory, help controlling the FADs (fish aggregating devices) on the sea, create awareness of threats and conservation in the public and observe the lawyers and offshore officers while working.

April 2016 - July 2016


Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Whale research with Nan Hauser (Volunteering)

During the time that I spend on Rarotonga I am able to assist the internationally acknowledged marine biologist and whale protector Nan Hauser with her work. I am learning about the whole process and methodology of practical reseach and conservation from writing reports, planing upcoming actions to actually going on the ocean to do field work. This will be intensified during the whale season, beginning in July, when we are going to observe, identify, sample, analyse and maybe even tag the by-going humpback whales around the island.

April 2016 - Sept 2016



Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Te Ipukarea Society (Helping)

While my main focus on Rarotonga is on the whale research and the Ministry I still wanted to offer the NGO of the Cook Islands my help. Everything that is done to protect our environment is great and needs absolute support! Whenever there's little things to do (mainly for sure if it's about the ocean) they let me know. This is a minor project.



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