Internat RIDLEY, Kanada, 10. Schuljahr

Hallo es :) I´m Carina aus Düsseldorf (NRW, Deutschland), 15 Jahre alt. Ich werde nächsten Sommer für ein Jahr, ein kanadischer Internat gehen, Ridley (Sitz in St. Cathrines) genannt. Ich versuche, jeden Blogbeitrag in Englisch, schreiben, so dass ich die Sprache überhaupt, insbesondere in Englisch auf meiner Tastatur schreiben schreiben gewöhnen konnte. Also ich hoffe, dass ich Ihnen einige Anregungen über meine lange Reise in ein fremdes Land geben konnte informieren Sie über die Menschen, Kultur, What´s anders, was ich mag und was ist komplett neu oder überraschend für mich. Und für meine Familie und Freunde, die dies lesen; Ich möchte dieses Jahr mit Ihnen zu teilen, selbst wenn I´m mehr weit weg von dir, als ich es jemals war. Ich möchte Sie auf dem laufenden halten, wie ich mich fühle, was ich tun und wie viel ich vermisse (oder verpassen Sie Sie nicht) :D. Nein, natürlich wird ich vermisse dich! Nun, folgen Sie warf mich mein Abenteuer, You´ll genießen Sie es! St. Cathrines, Kanada (in der Nähe von Toronto) Ridley-Bording-Schule Start: September 2016 für ein Jahr


Dies ist dein Tour-Blog. Füge Einträge mit Fotos und Standort hinzu oder einfach nur Text und dokumentiere was du gesehen hast, wo du warst und worüber du nachgedacht hast. Wenn du möchtest, lass andere deinem Tour-Blog folgen und an deinen Erfahrungen teilhaben. Wie das geht? Hier entlang zum Video-Handbuch.

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One more Interview with the cap man

Today I had an interview with a man from riddley, the upper school coordinator on skype. He was really sympathetic and nice, and behind him on the wall hang a lot of different caps, but he tells he just wears them on his way home ;D

The interview was to choose my subjects and courses in grade 10. Beside some courses I must take I could choose two more on my own like arts, drama, informatic, sports and so on. I desided for health and physical education and Drama. I suppose it will help me to get new contacts because ou work a lot with other people, and I like that. I didn´t tried Drama before, and even if I´m kind of bad I will trie that, of course. That will be fun!

I also asked if I can stay two days before school start at school because my flight arrives that early, but he wasn´t shure if there is enough stuff to take care of me, in case I have to go to dad´s aunt close to the place to stay there for one night. But that´s not a bad thing! I really want to meet his aunt, I never met her before.

Soon I´ll get more information <3

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I´m a Flamingo!

Did you know that I´m a pink flamingo now? Well, the school
told me now I am :D From those houses with about 50 People in each I was send
to ´Gooderham House West´ where I´ll be forced to wear pink all day long, but
Pink doesn´t scare me ;). Togethter with 51 Girls, partial from all over the
world, I will find my way and keep growing and developing on my duties in
Gooderham West like baking cupcakes for valentines day. Don´t take me too
serious, I´m just kidding and don´t wanna deride on you, anyway I will become a
part of you in half a year ;) I feel like Hermione, Just the fault-finder is

But I´m so excited on what expects me and how the other
students are! I hope I´ll have a lot of fun.

Further information told me about the subjects and courses. There
are 8 groups of subjects where you must choose one in each of the 5 groups and one
voluntary in…each oft he other groups? That means you can´t choose a group
voluntarily…well I don´t get it yet, but I will :D

One more thing ist that I probably come home in christmas
holidays (2 weeks) But my birthday is on that das where the school starts, that
means I fly back on the first day of 2017! Well, maybe I can talk about the
passengers destinations while flying. As a start my first will be to arrive

My parents chatted with german boarding students parents yet
and they told them that their daughter is happy to have a break at christmas
holidays at home, because in Riddley collage there´s all hell let loose and
they are busy all the time. I really don´t think this is a bad thing, anyway I
need some action, especcialy on days like this when it´s raining and you are
bored. I wanna get to know a lot of new people and places! But first I just can
expecting and waiting.

I attached a picture oft he Pink Flamingos. Still looking forwart
to it and can´t wait!

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The chosen one :0

Three schools in Canada were elected for me, three schools
wich were so nice and impressing, that I would have been much as glad if I had
been choosed from at least one of them. I had to write an application letter. „Not
too normal, not too booring and not too crazy.“ Stressful :D. Well, finally I
did it, writing three DIN-A4 pages about everything nobody else is interestet
in xD.

Apparently the
comitee of some schools liked my wish-wash, and I got the chance for an
Interview with a women of Ridley´s comitee per Skype. I was excited. Nervous.
Excited. My worries were I just sitting there, starting stuttering and acting
like an idiot :D. But my worries were uncalled for, the women was really nice and
repeated things if I didn´t understand some words. Finally, we talked one hour!

Me as a lucky devil received a letter from our organisation,
that the comitee of Ridley has chosen me! After THREE DAYS. I mas happier than
happy. Of course, this isn´t naturally! I really couldn´t believe it. Even when
it´s almost three month ago, I couldn´t believe it yet. This ist just amazing,
how can I be so lucky??

Second Interview. But with the head master of Ridley. After
our train hat 80 minutes delay we arrived at the trainstation of Frankfurt,
waited with a crowed of people about 15 minutes for a Taxi, and into the
bargain the driver took the wrong way, so we showed up over half an hour later
as we should. Now finally, we arrived and just had  20 minutes to talk, but luckily he wasn´t
angry. On the photos he looked really nice and funny, even in reallife he
really was. And he loves pugs like me wich makes him even more likable for me
:D. Well, the most time my father talked…he really likes talking :D but he had
a lot of important questions.

Finally, I´m so happy about what happened, and what will
happen. I´m sure, that will become a great and ecxiting adventure, and, readers
and related partys, I want you to stay close to me, and keep contact with me,
so please add a lovely commend below :P


North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
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    Hi Carina,
    exciting, isn't it?
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    Wir sind gespannt auf deine Erfahrungen und helfen gern.
    dein permondo-Team

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Long way to the beginning

My first post, yay :D

So I want to explain why I just want to go to Canada, not
Australia or other Countries. And also the process for getting in contact with
a school…a lot of interviews, informations, opportunities.

It began when I was in grade 8, so I was 13 Years old. In
school, we had a presentation from deverse teachers and upper school kids. They
haven´t been specialized on one organisation or country, they just showed you a
rough survey about your opportunities.

Yes, I liked traveling before. I loved it to go on holiday,
especially in warm Countries (I know, so why Canada? xD). For me it was certain
that I wanna go abroad, but I didn´t thought about that so much before. I mean,
I was 13 and had to do with things like school and friends, I first had to
manage stuff in my life at home, not thousands of miles away. But with that
presentation I became clear what I could do one day! Sereously, I didn´t
exactly know where to go, I just knew something like America, maybe Australia
or New Zealand.

But my Mom told me not to go that far away. She tried to
convince me of going to England. That was too close to Germany for me! You
coudn´t get to know another culture when you stay one hour by plane away from
home. I really wanted to do something new and surprising. Well…at the End, I
don´t know how, she convinced me of going to England, even if I wasn´t really
happy with that, but a strong argument was, that I could take new friend with
me to Germany easily, and I could visit my home even in short holidays.

But isn´t the intention of going abroad, to leave everything
behind and discover a completely new way?

After some time, we went to, It´s actually like an
exhibition about going abroad, and got to know a lot of organisations to travel
with, a lot of opportunities, countries and also schools. But it was confusing
at all :D. Fortunately we met a family whose daughter also went to England for
a year. Some time before I thoght about going in a family or to a boarding school.
Everything oft hat has it´s benefits, You´re more indipendent in a family and
you get to know all the aspects from a particular culture. But in a boarding
school, you are always together with your friends, you are a great community,
almost like in Harry Potter. And I swear, the school of this girl really looked
like Hogwarts :D.

So my decision didn´t take that long; I wanted to visit a
boarding school. But really in England? Don´t misinterpret – I really like
England! But referring to my point of view, I didn´t really wanted to.

Back tot the event; the family recommended an organisation
called „Töchter und Söhne“ to us, so we called and asked for a meeting with
them. Later on we went to that meeting, and I was a little bit nervous what
awaited me, but luckily that women was really likabe. She asked me for my
interests and my person, so she could calculate what school could fit so me. Her
organisation was responsible for schools in England and Canada, my parents told
her to take documents about England, but I told her that she should also take
documents about Canada with her. That was my luck!

~ to be continued :P

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany