Motorbike trip to Prague - where the beer was invented and reinvented and reinvented...

Go to Prague and get a taste of the bohemian life

Hamburg, Germany


If you are leaving on a work day - make sure you do not to hit right into rush hour waiting lines and traffic jams (08:00- 09:15 and 16:30 - 17:30)
Nothing is more depressing than using your breaks... :-)

Berlin, Germany

In the heart of Berlin

Hotel tip: MotelOne: 

  • Fair price for the quality
  • Excellent breakfast
  • Motorbike can park in the closed garage for FREE!


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    Johan Schiller Roloff Clausen hat am kommentiert:

    Please be aware of the speed limit in the Czech Republic: The cops are hiding a couple of KM just at the end of the first tunnel when entering trying to catch some autobahn fans

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    Johan Schiller Roloff Clausen hat am kommentiert:

    To all motorbikers: please be aware of that motorbikes do not pay road tax... gotta love them Czech authorities...

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague - Home of bohemian life

What to do in Prague...? well... here is what I recommend:

  • Beer tour - this is the land that invented the Pilsner beer so do not miss out all the local brands
  • Ask the local people for the good restaurants - there are far too many restaurants for turists - ask where they eat their local dishes
  • See some of the local attractions like the astronomic clock, the Castle and walk across the Charles Bridge
  • Don't miss out on the street food - it is really a mouth water dripping experience
  • Nightlife: try the local Absinth - it is true - it is bottled magic and there are plenty of night clubs around
  • Motorbikers
    • Most hotel understand the need for having the motorbike locked in the back or in the garage - I asked and the hotel was so nice to find a garage nearby since they did not have one themselves which I could use for a small fee.
    • The top was really at a restaurant inside a court on the left side of the castle where the waiter said I could park the bike next to the table... (see picture above)

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    Claus hat am kommentiert:

    unter anderem schönen Jugendstil findet man in der Americky Bar náměstí Republiky 1090/5

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