Motorbike trip to Prague - where the beer was invented and reinvented and reinvented...

Go to Prague and get a taste of the bohemian life


Dies ist dein Tour-Blog. Füge Einträge mit Fotos und Standort hinzu oder einfach nur Text und dokumentiere was du gesehen hast, wo du warst und worüber du nachgedacht hast. Wenn du möchtest, lass andere deinem Tour-Blog folgen und an deinen Erfahrungen teilhaben. Wie das geht? Hier entlang zum Video-Handbuch.

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Breakfast before departure

Naturally the bike can be parked next to the table... :-) 

Awesome restaurant at the top in front of the Castle of Prague

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Nightlife by the bohemians

This is where the famous Absinth was born.... and it is still living inside every little green bottle

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The local food is a dream (for men)

Ummmm trying so many local dishes here - they are really made for men - It is so not Paris and French cousine - gravy,  meat and potatoes... and beer

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    Johan Schiller Roloff Clausen hat am kommentiert:

    Did you know there are beer competitions and beer tours every day in Prague? - A must do for all beer fans!

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Wandering the streets of Prague

The people here are so friendly to the motorbikers either in person or by the signs they put up here...

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Prague - bohemian life at your feet

Arrived in Prague - and so did the heat: 39 degrees Wuaw!

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Arrived at Berlin last night!

Arriving at Berlin I went to the Tor in the middle of the city.

My GroPro camera managed to stay on the tank during the ride on the Autobahn 

- New speed record with camera...

- Can't wait to see the film.

Hotel tip: I always use MotelOne - they have a very good price and you can have the motorbike for free in the closed garage