Tipp von   Anna Small

Kep - beautiful little town on coast side

One of my favorite places in Cambodia is Kep. This little town was known for its beauty, charm and beaches before the Red Khmer destroyed almost every house in Kep. But 10 years ago Cambodian people startet to repair the old French villas, the local houses and cleaned up the beach. Now Kep is getting back the old charm. 

Location: 2.5 hours drive south of Phnom Penh, via Takeo

Beach: public beach

Hotel: Knai Bang Chatt**** (photo 2,3,5) at the sea view but no beach or The Natural Villa Resort up the hill, facing green lush hills and the sea. There are some good hostels in Kep as well, near the public beach area and near crab market. 

Excursion: Rabbit Island - you should buy a ticket and go by boat to the very small Rabbit Island (30 min. boat trip). The families living at Rabbit Island offer delicious food (photo 1) and they run some hostels (photo 4). You can relax in one of the hammocks, paddle in the water and just enjoy the Asian way of life. In the salas near the beach they offer massages for neck, shoulder and feet. If you stay in Kep and not at Rabbit Island, you will go back by boat around 5pm before sunset. 

Near Kep you will find the Bokor National Park, famous for some trekking and an old French church ruin. 

Keb, Cambodia