Tipp von   Anna Small

BBQ in Yangon (Burma)

One of the best place to go for dinner at Yangon (Burma or Myanmar) is the Shwe Li BBQ. You will find few backpackers but mostly Burmese families and Burmese businessmen. The BBQ is built under an iron roof, two sides open and with a long bar inside. When you come in you take a plastic basket and choose from the open bar: vegetables, fish, meet, chicken, rice, potatoes, sauces - what ever you want. Everything you have chosen will be cooked or grilled right in front of you and weighed out by the cashier. 

Visiting the Shwe LI BBQ means fun with local people. It is very easy to get in touch with the Burmese people. 

Location: near Inya Lake

Website: http://www.shwelibbq.com

Yangon, Myanmar